Motorised Honeycomb Blinds

Windoware motorised 10mm Honeycomb Blinds offer voice activation, remote or app control, and integration with third-party home automation systems. The optional solar power source will give you even greater efficiency.

Ideal for automation

Windoware 10mm Honeycomb Blinds are market leaders in insulation performance and will improve your home’s efficiency and reduce your energy consumption. You will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Outstanding resistance to heat loss
  • Effective blocking of excess sun heat
  • Enhanced sound absorption

Automating your motorised blinds enables you to optimize your usage and achieve the best results possible. Take full advantage of the insulating properties of 10mm Honeycomb Blinds with scheduled adjustments to optimize the energy performance of your whole home.

Honeycomb Blinds are available in a range of colours and tones, from soft and muted to rich and vibrant.

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