Motorised Roman Blinds

Windoware motorised Roman Blinds provide the flexibility of voice activation, remote or app control, and integration with home automation systems. The option of solar power makes them even more efficient.

Outstanding light-blocking

Motorised Roman Blinds mounted outside the frame are the ideal choice for bedrooms and anywhere else where privacy and light-blocking performance are a priority. The blinds cover the whole window opening, providing reliable light blocking and insulation performance without any side gaps.

With motorised smart control, you can enhance your security by controlling your blinds when you are not at home, protect your furnishings from UV light, increase the efficiency of your home heating and cooling – and you can even open your blinds in the morning without having to leave your nice, snug bed.

Windoware motorised Roman Blinds can be customized to fit any window size and interior design and can be mounted inside or outside the frame.

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