Wavefold System

Wavefold System drapery falls in soft natural folds that are achieved through the perfected consistency of the translucent tape, leaving gentle ripples that keep their shape.

Wave tape-hooks-gliders unique system creates a perfect wave effect for your curtains.

Wavefold System curtains are easy to hang as well as being easily removed. Simply insert the hooks, one by one, into or off the gliders.

Why choose Windoware Wavefold system?

  • Always in a perfect form no matter if curtains are opened up or closed
  • Soft natural folds create an elegant and stylish look
  • Suitable for heavy and light weight curtains
  • Easy hanging and attachment as well as the removal of curtains for laundering
  • White or black gliders can match curtain tracks or the curtains
  • The swivel gliders always let the curtains hang with a nice wave
  • Choice of different curtain fullness. Should you wish to have your own individual curtain fullness, any of the other loops can be used to insert the curtain hooks in accordance with your preference
  • For fabrics with and without pattern repeat. Fabrics with pattern repeat allow special and clever decoration possibilities due to the effect given when opening and closing the curtain
  • Easy to make and therefore saves a lot of time and cost

The Windoware underhung M2000 track, 28mm decorative curtain rod and MiniExcel track are ideal for the ‘Newave Wavefold System’. With the addition of Newave Glider Cord to this superior gliding surface, the results are outstanding.

The M2000 track and 28mm track rod are available in 10 standard colours. MiniExcel is only available in White, Bright Silver or Ivory as standard. Black is an additional cost.

White or black gliders can match curtain tracks or the curtains.

M2000 Track

28mm Track Rod

MiniExcel Track