Multiple Connection Options

Operate with our simple remote, phone App or with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Stylish & Modern Look

Eliminate the need for chains or chords creating a modern / sophisticated look

Battery or Mains Power

Hardwired 240v power or wireless Li-ion rechargeable battery powdered

Motorised blinds and curtain tracks – comfort, convenience and style

Motorised blinds and curtain tracks are an essential part of your smart home. The ability to simply reach for your phone – or just ask your digital voice assistant – to open or close your blinds or curtains has become an affordable luxury.

Windoware motorised window coverings:

Roller Blinds
Honeycomb Blinds
Roman Blinds
Mikronwood Blinds NEW!
Curtain Tracks

Kick back in your favourite chair with your morning coffee and open the blinds to watch the sunrise. Block that annoying reflection on your TV without having to get out of your seat – easy as.

You’ll love our versatile range for the ability to match your look and take your interior to the next level, but Windoware smart blinds and curtain tracks offer so many benefits to go with their great aesthetic.

All Windoware motorised blinds and curtain tracks offer remote or app control, voice activation, and smart home integration and can be installed with mains or battery power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Windoware smart blinds and curtain tracks can be hard-wired into your household systems or use built-in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The batteries can be charged automatically by an optional compact solar unit, or you can plug in a provided charger directly into the blind – no need to remove the blinds.

Each charge lasts for six months. The blind lasts a minimum of 300 cycles (cycle is up and down) on one charge.

Hardwired blinds draw on mains power and do not require charging.

Yes! You can connect Windoware motorised blinds and curtains to SmartThings or IFTTT, CBUS (Clipsal) or Dynalite (Philips), as well as SmartLink. Using the Connector+ app on your phone, you can integrate your settings with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as other third-party home automation systems.

Yes again! Using the easily understandable conditional logic of “If this, then that”, or IFTTT, you can choose from 650 services such as temperature or sun position. It is as simple as entering “If 25°C in the lounge, then close blinds”, to deal with sunny days. Or similar commands to suit your requirements, whatever your circumstances and requirements.

You can connect up to 30 motors in 20 rooms to the Connector+ app – plenty of options for controlling your blinds throughout your home. Windoware remote controls can connect up to 15 blinds per room.

No, they require two separate remotes.

Motorised curtain tracks are intended for horizontal installation only and will not operate if the weight is unevenly distributed.

The range of bend is limited – please consult your local Windoware retailer to ensure your installation will meet requirements.

Honeycomb blinds are not suitable for high-humidity areas – try a Roller blind made with the appropriate fabric for your bathroom.

Want to find out more or get a quote? Please contact a Windoware retailer.